What if I can no longer use My Pico Season Pass?

If a pass holder suffers an injury, becomes pregnant or loses a job, to name a few, and can no longer use their season pass, we will credit a proportional amount of the purchase price based on our Credit / Refund Policy. There is no longer a fee to buy into this policy - we are basically offering Refund Protection Option, for free to all pass holders.

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When will My Pico Pass be activated or how do I receive a new pass?

If renewing your My Pico Pass online, you can electronically sign the Express Acceptance of Risks, Indemnification & Forum Selection Agreement form for the 2016-17 season. Once this is submitted, your current pass will be automatically activated at the start of the next season. If renewing over the phone, you will receive an email with directions on activating your pass.

If you are a new pass holder and pay in full, visit the Pico Sales Center or Pico Sports Center to pick up your pass. You will have your photo taken and sign the Express Acceptance of Risks, Indemnification & Forum Selection Agreement form, if needed, at that time. The Pico Sales Center is open September through Pico Mountain's closing day for pass activation and pick-up. The Pico Sports Center is open year-round.

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How do I update My Pico Pass photo?

If you wish to update your current photo on file, please visit the Pico Ticket Sales Center, email seasonpass@picomountain.com or go to the My Account section of our online store. Children's photos and photos more than two years old should be updated.

Season Pass Photo Requirements:

  • Photo should be current (within the last six months), showing the most up-to-date appearance.
  • Photo should be full face, front view with a plain background - no other items should be in the photo with you.
  • Headwear is not permitted in photos.
  • JPEG is the preferred image file format.

Can I charge purchases to My Pico Season Pass?

Pico Mountain offers two options for season pass holders to pay for products and services around the resort using their pass/card rather than carrying a credit card or cash.

Resort Charge

Attach a credit card to your Season Pass allowing you to use your pass to purchase items at many resort locations without having to carry anything but your pass. 

Beast Bucks

For those looking to be able to limit spending, or maybe gift a specific amount to a season pass holder, Beast Bucks is the option for you. Pre-load a specific amount to a pass for pass holder to use towards purchases at many resort locations.

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Can I check how many days I've skied?

All Season Pass and Express Card holders can log into their online store account and click “Scan History” to check the number of days they’ve skied on their pass. The online store will provide the date for all days a pass was scanned as well the first lift the pass was scanned at.

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For more information, please call (866) 667 7426.

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