We had an incredible St. Patrick’s Day at Pico Mountain – it was a weekend full of blue skies, sunshine, and soft turns! Talk about spring skiing and riding!

Unfortunately, that spring skiing and riding has come upon us faster than we’d expected. Mother Nature is always unpredictable, and she’s surprised us this time with a week of forecasted temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. As much as we love getting our Vitamin D fix and soaking up the rays, that brilliant sunshine is a bit tougher on our trails than we could ever have planned. Due to these conditions, Pico Mountain will be closed starting Monday, March 19, and during the coming week (Monday - Friday). We plan to reopen, conditions permitting, for one last big weekend on March 24. And never fear –  remaining passes and tickets won’t be going to waste!

Although we'd prefer these conditions in April, we're certainly not going to pass them up. With spring outside, we’re going to enjoy it right NOW! Pico season passes, P39's, 4-play passes, and Buy with Me passes will be valid for their remaining value(s)through April 1st at Killington Resort. That means great skiing and riding at The Beast from March 26 - April 1, and during this week (March 19 - 23) as well. So get out there while the weather's gorgeous; it won’t last! And you wouldn’t want to get behind on that goggle tan, would you?

Thanks so much to every single skier, rider, instructor, pass holder, and mountain operations team member who has shared Pico with us! Every guest and member of the team has helped make this season great, and we’ve enjoyed making turns with you. Countdown to 2012-13 is starting...NOW.

And the fact that we’ve only got one big weekend left doesn’t mean the party is over. The Winter Tweed Festival will be rocking at Pico starting on March 23, and whether we’re skiing or not, we’ll be there! So you know what to do – keep one eye on the forecast and the other on the snow report, and we’ll keep you posted on conditions. In the meantime, brush off those dancing shoes!

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