Free Lift Ticket Offer for Safety Week

January 16-22 is National Safety Awareness Week, and Pico takes skiing and snowboarding responsibility seriously. We’ve got everything from a terrain park to double-black tree runs, so it’s incredibility important that everyone know their limits and conduct themselves in a safe manner while sharing the mountain.

Here’s some safety tips everyone should be aware of, especially younger children and new skiers and snowboarders:

• Take a look at the responsibility code and the rules of Smart Style in terrain parks. You may be cutting off another rider or behaving recklessly in the park without even knowing it.  Parents should make sure their children are familiar with the rules before skiing alone.
• Ski helmets are a good idea. If your child wears a ski helmet, remember you may have to raise your voice more to get their attention because a helmet may impede their hearing. Make sure the helmet fits correctly. A ski helmet is not an item you buy for your child to grow into. Educate your child about the benefits and limitations of the helmet. Wearing a helmet doesn’t give permission to ski or snowboard faster or recklessly.
• Dress in layers and be prepared. It’s easy to take off a layer than it is to find a new one to put on.  It’s always colder at the peak, and although you may not need gloves at the base, you will going up the lift
• Always have goggles with you. Skiing is a lot more fun when you can see. Always wear eye protection, and make sure you’re wearing sunblock on any exposed skin.
• If you’re with a child, make sure he or she has the name and phone number of your hotel written down on a piece of paper and it's in a secure pocket. If you carry a cell phone, include this number too.
• Make a meeting place if you get separated from your party so no one is standing around waiting on a trail.  (Ex: The bottom of the Knomes Knoll Triple.) Walkie-talkies can also help you stay in contact.
• Follow some simple rules:  Don’t cut other skiers or riders off, and if you have to stop, stop on the side where you’ll be visible from above.  Be cognizant of the width of the trail, and don’t block it to strap into your snowboard or adjust your skis.
• Don’t ski above your ability level.  All trails at Pico lead to the same base lodge, so there’s no reason to go on a trail with which you’re not comfortable.

And because Pico wants to encourage safe decisions on the slopes, we’re giving a FREE LIFT TICKET to anyone who purchases a helmet at Pico during the week.  Even if you’re not sure if a helmet is right for you, stop by the Pico Sports Shop and talk to a pro there.  They can explain the benefits of a helmet and help you decide which style and size would be best for you.

Learn more online and take advantage of some of the Safety Week Activities at Pico.  There’s even a local and national safety poster contest for children, sponsored by the National Ski Areas Association.

See you at Pico!


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