New Partnerships at Pico!


February is a month of new additions at Pico Mountain, including more events, more partnerships, new offerings at the Pico Sports Center, and hopefully lots of new snow!  Make sure to check back frequently for new updates and events!


Pico is partnering with Youth Enrichment Services (YES!) out of Massachusetts to host seven Boston youth who have been learning to ski and snowboard over the past few years with the program.  We’ll be spending some time with them on the snow, and using the opportunity to talk with them about employment and opportunities at a ski resort like Pico.  We’ll also be showing them what it’s like to work at a major business, and answering any questions about how some our team members began their careers in fields like online marketing, ski school, and business management.  They’ll be joining us for three weekends throughout the season, and we’re glad to welcome them to Pico this Saturday and Sunday.


YES is a non-profit organization founded in Massachusetts in 1968 to bring urban youth into new environments and challenge them to explore new experiences outside their city walls. By encouraging person growth and personal challenge, YES helps youth to build self-confidence and success through hard work and academic success..


Pico loves being able to partner with local organizations, and we’re glad to be able to do so.  We’ve worked with the Rutland County Chapter of the United Way, and are a home base of Vermont Adaptive, a local organization dedicated to providing skiing and snowboarding opportunities to those with disabilities in the New England Area. 


To learn more about YES, the United Way, or Vermont Adaptive, simply visit their websites.  Keep an eye on this blog as we announce more partnerships and events in the coming days!


That's all for now, and we'll see you on the hill!


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