An inside view of the spring skiing and riding season from Pico Mountain’s Director of Sales, Marketing & Reservations, Rob Megnin.

A funny thing someone in the industry a long time ago once told me, if you love to ski don’t stay in the industry, you’ll never have the time to get out! On most days that’s correct but as the longer days of spring come into view I push myself to get into my boots every time I find an open window of time. This week was perfect weather; as such I jumped at the chance and was not disappointed.

Reading this you might think that the Director of Sales & Marketing is selling a bill of goods. Yes to a degree that’s true, but I’m sincere in saying that when the sun is shining, just high enough in the sky to soften up the night’s freeze the snow becomes soft and carveable… it is truly the best time of the year to ski or ride!

Every year I ask myself why folks don’t come out to enjoy more skiing and riding? I reason, “It’s the old you gotta see white in the backyard before the commitment to come is made?” Or, is it that people just don’t believe the Resort can have these kind of conditions? Too expensive? No Time? Not sure what it is, but I’m here to tell all your missing the best time of the season.

If cost is an issue, Killington has deals to take care of that, can you say 4-Play? Spring pass deals? Lift ticket and lodging deals abound? If you love to ski or ride get here! I’m here to tell you, no marketing hyperbole, this week has been the best skiing of the year.

The snow is still plentiful and base depths are holding up, and just softened up enough to make me smile ear to ear when I come in to get the day’s work completed.

No more reasons not to come, I look forward to seeing you on the hill, I’m the guy who’s smiling all the time in the spring!

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